A Week in Italy

Italy has so much to offer. A week is certainly not enough time to get to know such a dynamic country, but it's a good starting point. Even in the peak of summer heat and tourist foot traffic, the country was beautiful, accessible and enjoyable. Main destinations included Florence, Pisa, Assisi, Rome and the Vatican City.

Florence Skyline
Bronze Replica Statue of David
Pantheon Light
Firenze Station Sign
Sunset in Florence
Arno River Scene in Florence, Italy
Sunset in Florence
View of Basilica di Santa Croce
View of Florence from Above
View of Perugia Countryside Near Assisi
Signs in Pisa
Piazza del Colosseo
Morning Market in Pisa
St. Peter's Square in the Early Morning
View of Florence, Italy
Sunflowers Near Assisi
Sunflower in a Crowd
Still Leaning in Pisa
The Vatican's Swiss Guard
Tourists in Pisa
Modest Assisi Skyline
Looking Up at the Duomo
Looking Up at St. Peter's Basilica
Boy Overlooking Florence, Italy
Statue of St. Paul
St. Peter's Basilica
Rome at Sunset
Roma Termini Sign
Beams of Light Inside St. Peter's Basilica
Beams of Light in St. Peter's
Crowd Outside Vatican Museums
Early Morning Light in Pisa
Field of Shy Sunflowers
Hay Bales Near Assisi
Leaning Tower of Pisa Closeup
Looking Towards St. Peter's Basilica
Leaning Tower of Pisa Photographer
The Pieta
Pantheon Facade at Night
View of the Colosseum
Pantheon Exterior
Florence Skyline at Sunset