I seem to have a special spot for animals; even trips to the local zoo are still interesting for me, though I admit I prefer to find and photograph slightly more wild creatures in their natural habitat.

Birds and butterflies, elephants and camels, squirrels and ants - they're all captivating, at least for a while. Here are a few of the animals that have caught my eye along the way.

Turkey Vulture Takes Flight

Turkey Vulture Takes Flight

A turkey vulture takes flight, leaving a rock in the Arizona Desert, just east of Apache Junction.

Turkey Vulture Takes Flight
Elephant Trunk and Tusks
Angry Raven
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Eye to Eye with a Squirrel
Resting Green Parrot
Quiet Gorilla
Muzzled Camel
Black Swan
Fighting Crabs
Iguana on a Rock
One Hump Camel
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Iguana Sunning on a Rock
Squirrel on a Tree
Performing Sea Lion
Rough Rhino Skin
Pigeon and His Shadow
Hermit Crab
Man Holding Red Crab
Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep
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Birds Circling a Church
Butterfly on Lavender
Information Overload
Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep
White-nosed Coati in Tree
Heron in Flight
Grand Canyon Elk
Grand Canyon Bull Elk
Colorado National Monument Lizard
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