London, England

A little like New York, I never really gave much thought to visiting London. I figured it'd be an easy enough place to visit when I was old. Plans changed, and I ended up having an opportunity to spend a few days in London during the very hot summer of 2006. It felt like you couldn't go anywhere in the city without seeing or experiencing some sort of history. I was hooked.

There was quite a bit to see and time was short. As it turns out, given the exchange rate of the dollar to the pound, it was just as well; I couldn't afford to stay a minute longer than I did. Fortunately, much of the best of London can be seen and experienced for nothing ... nothing but a bit of time.

Horse Guard Hands
The London Clock Tower
Twenty After Four in London
Eros Statue in Piccadilly Circus
Peaceful Eros
Buckingham Palace Guards
Crowd Walking Past Horse Dung
St. Paul's Cathedral
British Natural History Museum