New York City

Like millions of others, I've had the good fortune of visiting New York City a few times. Before visiting, it was a city that I felt certain I wouldn't like. I was wrong. It has it all, and it is all surprisingly accessible. The buses, subways and ferries do an excellent job of making the scenes and sites, famous and not-so-famous, easy to get to. Here are a few of those famous and not-so-famous places.

Busy Times Square
Action Packed Times Square at Night
Brooklyn Bound Traffic
Speeding NYC Taxi Cab
Wall Street, New York
Statue of Liberty Through View Hole
Sunset in New York
Taking a Break in Central Park
Times Square Traffic at Dusk
Waiting for the Staten Island Ferry
Penn Station Eagle
Beautiful New York at Night
Statue of Liberty and Staten Island Ferry
Bethesda Fountain in Central Park
Brooklyn Bridge at Night
Brooklyn Bridge, USA
Central Park Bridge
Information Overload
New York Stock Exchange
Restricted Zone
New York Traffic at Night
Red and Yellow Americana