Wisconsin State Capitol Building

Without question, the State Capitol Building is the the centerpiece of Madison, Wisconsin. The Capitol Dome, and the 'Wisconsin' statue on top of it are visible throughout virtually all of the city, and for miles in all directions. This gallery is dedicated to the exterior of the building; the interior is just as stunning, and is certainly worth a look if you ever have the good fortune to visit beautiful Madison.

Capitol Lines
Capitol Dome Hidden Behind Trees
Wisconsin State Capitol Building in Summer
Summer Day at the Capitol
Short Stone Pillars
Capitol Dome on a Partly Cloudy Day
Base of Dome and Statues
Wisconsin Tulips
Wisconsin State Capitol
Madison Skyline at Sunset
Madison Skyline at Sunset
Madison Race
Gold Wisconsin Statue
View of Downtown Madison
Wisconsin Forward
Wisconsin Forward Statue
Snowy, Icy, Leif Erikson Statue