Milwaukee Art Museum (MAM)

The Milwaukee Art Museum is a building without peers. Nowhere else in Milwaukee, or Wisconsin, or perhaps even in the Midwest will you find a building quite like this. I was in complete disbelief the first time I saw the building, and several visits later, not much has changed. It is a thing of beauty, and for art and/or architecture lovers, it makes the trip to Milwaukee worthwhile in itself.

These photographs are a blend of the traditional photos, as well as some more abstract shots that focus on finer aspects that have caught my eye.

If you're interested, I also have more photos from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on this website.

White Wing, Blue Sky
Purple Points
Lines in All Directions
Milwaukee Lake Front
Weak Sunlight
Pale Tones at Dusk
Museum, Moon and Sky
Lit Museum Walkway
Last Light
Dusk Colored Sky
Uncrowded Museum