Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Not really known for much outside of the American Midwest, Milwaukee is about more than just cheese and beer. It is a city of surprising beauty, with a vibrant arts community and ready access to water (namely the three rivers that run through Milwaukee and Lake Michigan). Milwaukee also plays host to an excellent music festival known as Summerfest, as well as numerous ethnic festivals throughout the summer.

Don't forget to check out the world famous Milwaukee Art Museum. While you're in Milwaukee, you just might see some Miller beer products, and you'll more than likely hear a Harley or two roaring by, just to let you know that you are indeed in Milwaukee.

Sailboats in Milwaukee

Sailboats in Milwaukee

Sailboats on the Milwaukee waterfront shortly before sunset.

Sailboats in Milwaukee
Red Lighthouse
Blooming Tulips in Spring
Milwaukee Lake Front
Winter Crosswalk
Weak Sunlight
Snowy Crosswalk Signal
People Crossing Water Street
One of the Domes
Looking Up to Downtown
Lit Museum Walkway
Family and a Human Dog
Allen Bradley Clock in the Distance
Water Street in Milwaukee
Skyline Reflection in Water
The Domes
Early Fall Colors
Blooming Tulips